We are thankful to celebrate an additional nine years of life for our founder and president, Carissa Haston. On March 13, 2006, Carissa was given a second chance at life through the gift of life. She received a stomach, small bowel, pancreas, liver, and duodenum at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. This was necessary due to a combination of medical problems which included gastroparesis, CIPO, liver failure, and eventually short gut. Although not common and an extreme measure, it can be life-saving as a last resort.

Carissa is thankful for everyone who has been involved in saving her life and supporting her through the long process! She is grateful to be able to see the growth of G-PACT over the last nine years and believes that no one with DTP will need to pursue this extreme option in a few years!

Here is an article about her story and info on the small bowel transplant.