Every GPer has a different story.  My ‘virtual GP family’ ranges from those spending many more days in hospitals than their homes to those who flair only every couple of years, from amputees and tubies to those who run marathons or compete in talent pageants, and everything in between.

I’m  one of the ‘lucky/blessed ones’!…GP probably from diabetes, diagnosed fast, insurance  for pacer approved fast, then decreasing amount/severity of GP  flair-ups, now I eat anything/everything–including  salads & steaks (without gristle & extra careful chewing)…..  Last ER visit for GP was last year due to a ‘perfect storm’ situation …… Since I can’t relate  well to situations of most other GPers I  try to send them virtual hugs,  positive thoughts & a feeling that they are not suffering alone out  there–that somewhere out in the vast ether someone is ‘out there and  caring for them’ along with an encouraging reminder to NEGU! (Never Ever Give Up!)  261671_10150235671826235_3285838_n

I’m also 64, living just south of Green Bay  Wisconsin, retired with too much time on  my hands so I’m on FB too  much….(LOL)   I’m a very frequent poster in some G-PACT groups [Prayer Chain; Gutsy Guys Garage; Coping w/GP….] although I belong to over 20 GP groups (many inactive).  A few years ago my wife and I had the pleasure of hanging out for a day or so with G-PACT bigwigs Carissa Haston, Brittney Riley and Cindy Tessmer when they were only a state away for an Oley Foundation convention….  Every year I tease Carissa that I’ve got my entire state wearing Green & Gold every Friday for GP Awareness [but that due to our regional speaking dialect, G-PACT is pronounced Go Packers !!  (LOL)]