Let me share with you who the folks at WEGO Health are:

“We are WEGO Health — a network of over 100,000 of the most influential members of the online health community. We are bloggers, tweeters, pinners, and leaders of Facebook pages — we are the empowered patients that drive the healthcare conversation online, across virtually every health topic and condition.”

If you’re reading this, you may be part of WEGO Health too. 

We at G-PACT have been nominated for recognition in BEST TEAM PERFORMANCE, and let me tell you, we are honored, but also proud of the hard work we do with you to keep Gastroparesis on the minds of lawmakers, clinicians and researchers. 

We are there FOR you and WITH you. So please take a moment to nominate your team, G-PACT for BEST TEAM PERFORMANCE in the annual WEGO Health, Health Activist Awards. 

Follow this link to nominate:


Maybe you’re wondering what your G-PACT has done for you lately? You can learn about G-PACT’s many activities HERE but I’d like to tell you about my favorite…

G-PACT, partnering with Generic Alliance , created and maintains the very first ever Platform for Engaging Everyone Responsibly (PEERAGE) patient Registry. 

In short, The Registry, which has been filled out by over 500 people, collects the vital information about an individual’s history and experience with Gastroparesis & Digestive Tract Paralysis. You, as the provider of information, get to decide who gets to use your responses. It’s an unprecedented program. Several other organizations have worked with the PEER system too, but G-PACT was the first. 

It took a lot of teamwork to make this happen. Consulting with Institutional Review Boards, learning FDA regulated data collection systems, engaging medical experts in GP, and recruiting the right volunteer talent to support all those efforts. I can fairly say that every professional resource at G-PACT was tapped to make this come to life. 

By the way, if you have not yet taken part in the G-PACT patient Registry you can do so now.

But PLEASE take a moment right now to Nominate YOUR G-PACT for BEST TEAM PERFORMANCE in the WEGO Health Activist Awards.

Thank you so much.