Patient Alert: In a much more rapid fashion than expected, the House of Representatives is currently voting on a final version of the 21st Century Cures Act. Though certainly only representing an initial foundation, the Act is the broadest effort in the fight for FDA reform that I have seen in nearly 25 years.  
If you or a child, or a parent suffers from Digestive Tract Paralysis or any one of nearly 10,000 chronic diseases that are currently incurable in the US, PLEASE take the time to call your senators or Congressperson to push the need for treatment regulatory reform that the best available treatments do not remain blocked simply by Federal regulation and not for a lack of scientific progress.
For G-PACT and the Digestive Disease National Coalition, this is a defining moment in the fight that guarantees a future in which well-tailored conservative treatments rather permanent artifiical nutrition, ostomy and digestive tract transplant are not the choices for the current generation and for our children and grandchildren.
For the chronic disease commnuity at large, this is the foundation of a future that will guarantee, properly and personally tailored treatments and cures for a population of 30 million Americans.
In tribute of the memory of those that we have lost, and to start the fight for those that we wish a cure and a return to function.
#CuresNow #CuresForever