You’re not alone out there and neither is G-PACT. Whenever we can we work with others who can help raise awareness or improve the quality of life of our community. That’s how we became friends with Mighty-Well.

Mighty Well is on a mission to turn sickness into strength by transforming the patient experience.

“As patients and caregivers ourselves, we know there’s room for improvement. We know how cold a hospital room can get and how awkward it is to pull out a massive pillbox in class or at the office. It’s why we started Mighty Well. We create the products we wish we’d had: functional and stylish apparel and accessories that you can wear with confidence.”


As a way to say hello to the G-PACT family, Mighty-Well offers this discount on their products…  “GPACT10”

Please use this discount code for 10% off total purchase: GPACT10