Happy Holidays Pact readers! As we’re closing in on the last few days of the holiday season, I felt it was important to remind you all of a few things.

While the bulk of the shopping, wrapping, baking and decorating may be done, there’s still the actual holiday itself. Seeing friends and family enjoying a meal you may not be able to can bring up a lot of feelings and struggles. The day may require a lot of participating that makes you want you use more energy than you’re able to spare. Before you know it, you may feel very worn out, and the day isn’t even half over. So what do you do?

There have been a lot of great posts circulating on sites like The Mighty that are sharing some great tips to get through not just the holiday season, how to navigate the whole day without sacrificing too many spoons. Before the day arrives, it may be beneficial to see what others with similar illnesses have done to enjoy the holidays the best way they can!(Pact blog writer Carolanne shares some great tips for fellow GPers on her personal blog, A Heart for Humanity)

I want to remind you that even though there are holiday pressures, that YOU are your priority!! The holidays are about love, family, and reminding ourselves that despite the struggles we may face, we always have something to cherish and be grateful for.

Happy Holidays from the Pact Blog!