If you have gastroparesis, you know what it’s like to be nauseous all the time. Sometimes, nausea medications just aren’t enough. So what should you do? Pact blog writer Carolanne came up with a great list of products to try.

Battling gastroparesis is no easy feat. With little treatment options available, it often feels like doctors just put a band-aid on our symptoms and send us on our way. But sometimes, medication and procedures alone don’t enable us to get out of bed, especially with unbearable nausea. Here are a few products that are tried and true to help get your through a tough GP flare…

  1. Preggie Pops (sour hard candy marketed to pregnant women)

Sour candy in general is good for a nauseous stomach because your brain cannot process the sour taste and nausea at the same time. These Preggie Pops are specifically designed to combat nausea with 4 different sour flavors.

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  1. Nutritional drink like Ensure or Boost

Sometimes it’s hard to keep anything in your system when your tummy is so upset. Nutritional drinks like Ensure or Boost (especially the clear kinds!) are usually safe and gives the stomach a bit of a break from trying to process foods that are more difficult to break down.

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  1. Pedialyte, Pedialyte ice pops, or Gatorade

If your flare is really bad, a nutritional drink may even be too much to handle. Stick to Pedialyte in liquid form or Gatorade to boost electrolytes and to keep from getting dehydrated. If the texture of the liquid is bothersome, try Pedialyte ice pops! They’re yummy and a great way to make sure you get fluids in your system.

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  1. Hard ginger candy (GinGin is a good brand)

Ginger is a natural remedy for a queasy stomach but the taste can be rather strong. GinGin hard candy is the perfect blend of sweet and potent to help ease the quease! Make sure when looking for ginger candy that you get one that is strong enough to help with the nausea.

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  1. Mints/minty gum

The scent and taste of mint is known to cure nausea. So pop a mint in your mouth or chew a piece of extra minty gum to keep the nausea at bay. Many GPers suggest spearmint as the best flavor of mint to help with nausea. Alternatively, if mints and gum aren’t your thing, you can always try a minty tea!

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  1. Seabands

Anti-motion sickness items can also bring relief to a nauseous gut. Seabands work by using pressure points to eliminate or lessen the nausea you’re experiencing. You don’t have to be in a car or on a boat to use these. They’re easy to wear and another all natural alternative.

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  1. Ginger ale/ginger beer (make sure it’s made with actual ginger and not just flavor)

Everyone knows ginger ale is an age-old secret to help with nausea. Try sipping on some Canada Dry or giving a ginger beer a go! Both are yummy and give you the powerful punch of ginger while not being quite as strong as hard candy.

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  1. Heating pads

Heating pads can be super helpful for aches, pains, and cramps, but they also can be beneficial for an upset tummy. The heat may bring relief to a swooshing tummy and help calm down your stomach.

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Next time a wave of nausea hits, try using one of these products in addition or in replace of your anti-nausea medications. Sometimes a little extra boost is all your body needs in order to make the nausea pass. Happy tummy days ahead!


*Disclaimer: this list is not cleared by medical professionals and is only advice from one gastroparesis warrior to another. Consult your doctor if you’re unsure about any product before using*

Do you have something for nausea that really helps you and you’d like to share? Send me an email at smiths@g-pact.org