ovarian-cysts-cause-nausea-symptomsNot too long ago, we asked on our Facebook page for our followers to share their craziest stories after being diagnosed with gastroparesis. We had TONS of responses!! While we couldn’t share them all, here are some of the craziest ones that were shared!  My personal craziest experience was throwing up while driving….and I drive a 5 speed!  (**Names of those who participated have been removed.**)

  • “On the way home from my stomach emptying test. I couldn’t get pulled over fast enough and I threw up out the window at 60mph. I ended up getting myself to the side of the road and vomiting some more. Then went and washed the car.”
  • “I had taken my pre-schooler to pick strawberries at a farm in heavy, summer heat. I felt it coming so I grabbed him & quickly made my way to the nearby port-a-john, making it barely in time. My son faced the door, glanced up at the ceiling & said, “Mama, I LIKE this place. Can we get one of these for the van?” Well, we do. Sort of. The bucket; slightly smaller than a Home Depot bucket & previously full of chocolate fudge icing, was given to me by Fresh Market after I got sick in their entryway. It has been used far more than I care to admit. (The bucket has a rubber gasket in the lid, sealing it shut until I clean it out. A great, although embarrassing, gift that travels with us years later.) Getting sick during a doctor’s exam, I excused myself abruptly & found the doctor waiting for me when I left the bathroom. “You’re the quietest puker I think I’ve had. You’ve been sick a long time, huh?” Yes, I’m pretty good at it.  Lastly, my boyfriend let me drive his brand new car to work while he went on a business trip & my car was in the shop. I had little warning before I got sick. Fearing the consequences of ruining the interior of his “baby”, I actually held it in my mouth until I could pull over & get out. It had to be one of the grossest moments of my life.”
  • “I was about 10, and having a sleepover at a friend’s house. We woke up, and we were both laying in a pool of vomit in the middle of her twin bed. We began arguing over whose it was. However, one of us knew what to do. Strip the bed and start a load of laundry, take a quick bath, spray the bed with Lysol, and finish the night in a blanket on the floor. The other person was completely clueless, and assumed we needed to wake up her mom. 25 years later, I finally confessed that it was me, and apologized.”
  • “We were driving up north in the family van and I felt the nausea hit. I was in the far back seat. I knew if I opened my mouth I would hurl so I tried kicking my sisters seat hoping she would turn around and see me holding my mouth. She didn’t. I kept kicking. She didn’t turn. So when I tried to yell pull over I threw up all over her and the back seat. She was pretty mad at me.”
  • “My most memorable moment has to do with my g-tube. I was by myself flying to see a friend. I had a layover and went to the bathroom to vent my g-tube, so I wouldn’t throw-up in front of everyone. I got in the stall and all of a sudden the balloon on my g-tube burst and stuff went everywhere. The tube fell on the floor, so I wasn’t going to stick it back in. It wasn’t just running out my stoma, it was projectile. I had a wash cloth in my carry on and it was completely soaked and used all the toilet paper. I opened the door and was standing in a puddle, so I asked someone if they could hand me some paper towels. The woman said no.”


Crazy huh? Chronic illness sure keeps us on our toes! If you want to share a story, but missed the facebook post! Send us an email! You may see it shared here on the Pact blog. Email Samantha at smiths@g-pact.org