Season of Thanks

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Not long ago, we asked our GP community to share what they are thankful for. When living with chronic illness, it can get easy to see the struggles, but it’s important to share our victories, and what we’re thankful for. Here is what the community had to say:
I am thankful for my good days and I am thankful for my friends and family (especially my husband) who check in on me and take care of me when I am too sick and weak to care for myself.I am so very thankful that I only had my feeding tube for 7 months. Thankful for my doctors who saved my life.We are thankful for organizations and foundations to provide help for all those unanswered questions. We are thankful for not only our families, friends, organizations, foundations but for every single person that has helped spread awareness of these types of diagnoses.Thankful that my family understands. Thankful that I am not as bad as I feel at times. And thankful I have people who share and care like this group.I know it sounds weird, but I am thankful to have these chronic illnesses (Gastroparesis being one of them). They forced me to reevaluate my life priorities and get rid of toxic people. I’m starting school in January thanks to GP!I’m thankful for my life and I am so beyond thankful for my GP family. God has blessed me.Thankful for being able to reasses the meaning of a good day.I’m thankful for the tube that saves my life, and my family that supports me. This time of year can be tough for those with digestive tract paralysis diseases. These gatherings can be so focused on food while many of us are unable to eat. A little extra self care, bring whatever treats you can safely eat, and only do what you can.


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