Honor Patient: Katie

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Today’s Honor Patient, Katie shared about how equine therapy made a difference in her life.

I can’t remember a time  where I didn’t love riding horses,but I never knew how beneficial it would be in my battle against chronic illness.
When diagnosed  with severe gastroparesis, digestive tract paralysis & chronic pseudo-obstruction,EDS & POTS some doctors suggested taking it easy from riding but my other doctors encouraged it as a type of physical & occupational therapy. There are many benefits of equine assisted therapy for those with chronic illness, physical & mental disabilities. There have recently been more & more studies done to prove some of these benefits.
I know for me just being by horses puts me at ease; whether just grooming & feeding them or actually riding.
For that amount of time, I forget about being sick. Horses can relax a persons anxiety, calm their fears & boost their confidence. When in the saddle, it may look like all you do it’s just sit up there & the horse does all the work. Actually, the way a horse moves naturally helps with neuro-muscular issues, strengthen your core, (which helps when continuously having GI related abdominal surgeries) & improve balance that continues on into regular daily activities. I benefit greatly from my own equine type therapy I ride while hooked up to TPN or Tube feeds but I just use my own horse. This type of therapy is being recommended more & more by doctors for a variety of mental & physical illness.
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  1. I agree ; there’s nothing comparable to riding and grooming horses.I wish I could afford to partake in my life-long passion but that just isn’t possible at this time.Good luck to you and may God continue blessing you and your horse!

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