CIP can be secondary to a known underlying disease process or disorder including:

          – Cystic Fibrosis

          – Diabetes

          – Dysautonomia

          – Mitochondrial Diseases- affects at least three major organs and can explain why a person may have a                 number of seemingly unrelated problems

          – Autoimmune Disorders (Scleroderma, Lupus)

          – It can also be idiopathic (without a known cause).

CIP may be apparent from infancy or may surface later in life. Sometimes it follows an acute illness or surgery. Children with CIP are generally born with the condition.

Acute (temporary) pseudo-obstruction can be a result of certain medications, recent surgery, or prolonged bed rest and may be diagnosed as “acute colonic ileus.”

The symptoms of intestinal pseudo-obstruction are caused by a problem in how the muscles and nerves in the intestines work. When tests show that the dysfunction is caused by unsynchronized contractions, the disorder is classified as neurogenic (arising from the nerves). If the dysfunction is caused by weak or absent contractions, the disorder is classified as myogenic (arising from the muscles).