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Restaurant Cards are business-sized cards offered free of charge to patients to use when they go out to eat.  These cards state that the patient has a digestive disorder, and may have a feeding tube for nutrition.  It requests that the patient be allowed to order off the children¹s menu, senior menu (smaller portions, less expensive), or be allowed to share a plate with another customer.  There is no legal requirement for a restaurant to accept this card but many will.


Venue Cards are offered free of charge to patients to assist them in requesting permission to carry their own food and/or drink into certain venues where that is not typically allowed.  The card states that the patient has a GI disorder requiring special food and needs to eat small portions throughout the day. In addition, many venues do not offer the types of food well tolerated by DTP patients. There is no legal requirement for a venue to accept this card but many will.  The Venue Card is printed on the back of the Restaurant Card.


Individuals with digestive tract diseases will, at times, need access to a restroom in an area where no public restroom is available, such as a retail store.  The Restroom Access Card explains the need for immediate restroom access.    The states that have passed a Restroom Access Act include Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.  The Restroom Access Act is a law that requires businesses to make employee-only restrooms available to people with chronic medical conditions, as well as to pregnant women.  While other states have no legal obligation to accept this card, many will.


For individuals who carry tube feedings or TPN in a backpack, this card explains the need for the backpack and requests permission for the patient to carry the backpack in a location where it is not normally permitted.  There is no obligation for businesses or venues to comply, but many will.  The Backpack Accommodation Card is printed on the back of the Restroom Access Card.

restaurant card for medical purposes
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Restroom access card
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G-PACT offers restaurant cards, venue cards, restroom access cards, backpack accommodation cards, and educational materials free of charge.

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To receive these cards, start with two envelopes:

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