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Approximately 1 in 25 Americans, including children, suffers from gastroparesis

Image of someone clutching their abdomen in pain. A medical professional is sitting along side them, offering comfort.

Gastroparesis (GP)

Gastric motility disorders are gastrointestinal conditions that affect the body's ability ot digest food normally. A number of conditions fall into this category, including gastroparesis. 

Gastroparesis literally means paralyzed stomach. It is one of the most severe and complicated gastric motility disorders. Gastroparesis can be cause by a number of factors and is commonly seen in the diabetic population; however, often the cause is unknown. It is more prominent among females than males.

Approximately 1 in 25 Americans, including children, suffers from gastroparesis. In some instances, it appears for a brief time and goes away on its own or improves with treatment. Many cases are refractory and do not respond well to treatment. 

Gastroparesis is complicated to treat and treatment options are limited. There are few medications available, mostly geared towards symptom control rather than dealing with the underlying problem. For this reason, they are often ineffective.

Additional treatment options include diet changes, certain surgical procedures and, in severe cases, nutritional support through feeding tubes or IV nutrition.